Determination by Andrew Dobell

Determination by Andrew Dobell (Wasteland Road Knights #4)
English | 2019 | Science Fiction | ePUB | 375 KB

Revelations and answers only lead to more questions. As daemons close in, Nero and Nyx must travel the wastes, hunting for Nyx’s past, and future.
The Whisperer is dead. Nyx has found her mother, Dani, still alive, and Cryptus’ big secret has been revealed.
The elation of killing the Night Lord was swiftly followed by shock that Cryptus played a bigger role in bringing about the apocalypse, and Nero is furious. Seeds of distrust have been sewn within the Road Knights, but Nyx’s focus is elsewhere.
With her mom, Dani, back, Nyx is keen to know more about her past, but Dani is weak, and needs rest. When they finally get to talk, a clue to her past and the origin’s of her family is discovered, but there’s so many unanswered questions.
The Road Knights must once again travel the wastes to find the answers they seek. But their actions will have greater, far reaching consequences that threaten their survival.
They have killed a Night Lord, a powerful daemon that should be impossible for a human to destroy. News of this travels fast, and the Road Knights find themselves attracting the attention of even more daemons.
Questions and answers await them on their journey of discovery as the road Knights ride again in another high octane adventure.

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